Reception Honors Author and Mentor

by Kyle Richardson '06

Many authors and scholars have contributed texts and resources contained in APU's libraries; however, none have affected the students and faculty quite like Doyce Nunis Jr. Having written dozens of books pertaining to the history of California, as well as having edited countless editions of the California Quarterly magazine, Nunis has contributed a great deal to the documentation of this state's history.

Nunis has contributed far more than the written word to the APU community. Nearly fifty years ago he served as a professor who took under his wing several students that would later become APU professors. "Doyce was more than a teacher to us," noted one former student. "He was our mentor and friend."

On Tuesday, March 8, APU hosted a reception to present Nunis with a plaque, honoring his commitment to excellence and education. Various editions of his works were displayed, ranging from books written nearly fifty years ago to more recent publications. Four of Nunis' former graduate students attended the event in support of their teacher. "Doyce once told us," one student jokingly recalled, "'I didn't show you the way, I carried you on my back!'"

Many individuals attended the event, each one impacted in some way or another by Nunis' writings or words of encouragement. "It is because of Doyce's contributions," said Paul Gray, Ed.D., dean of library services, "that APU is able to offer such valuable resources to its students and faculty."