Dunamis: A Day of Dynamic Fellowship

by Jody Godoy '05

On Saturday, October 11, more than 400 people gathered at Azusa Square for Dunamis, an all-day event that provided a time of fellowship for Japanese students and churchgoers from across Southern California.

The day started off with attendees being grouped into teams for games and relays that continued through the afternoon. In the evening, there was a barbecue and a drawing for prizes. The event went on into the night with a worship concert featuring APU's 9-1-1 Chapel band, and a worship band lead by Japanese students.

Dunamis was made possible by the combined efforts and contributions of APU's Friday Night Japanese Fellowship, the Office of International Student Services, individual faculty members, and other departments on campus, as well as Japanese churches and fellowships from the Los Angeles area.

The event was conceived by Kiyoto Kato, a graduate student at APU, and organized by him and other students passionate about ministering to Japanese people. "At first we had no idea what was going to happen, but it was the same idea as Jesus and the loaves and fish in the Bible – He made it happen," said Kentaro Ogawa, a graduate student in APU’s Teaching English as a Second Language Program.

Ogawa and the other coordinators wanted to encourage Christians returning to Japan, and to show non-Christians how Christ relates to their lives. Tsukasa Dake, a student at Citrus College and one of the corodinators, described an experience like this at her first time attending the 9-1-1 Chapel. "I was so surprised and shocked by seeing all the Christians there, because they were about the same age as me and they were the ones I wanted to befriend."

Dake also hoped the event would encourage unity. "My hope for this event is for all to be one in His name. I know there are so many denominations in this world, and people have different backgrounds and different ways of thinking and understanding," Dake said. "But I do think all Christians are basically the same: we all believe in Jesus and we love God!!!"