Earn Your Librarian Degree Online and Make a Difference in Schools

by Heather Nelson

Working toward a librarian degree online is a career step worth taking, especially in these times. With much of the world learning from home during the COVID-19 pandemic, students now rely on technology and online resources more than ever before to keep their education on track.

With a Master of Arts in School Librarianship, you can prepare to lead the way for students, helping them navigate learning and researching in a quickly changing world. And there’s no better time than the present—skilled librarians are needed in schools across the country.

If you’re interested in becoming a school librarian, here are valuable insights into the profession’s importance as well as benefits you can enjoy by earning your degree online.

The Importance of Librarians in Today’s Climate

Librarians play a crucial role in the education system—and always have—as they support students throughout their journey. The job of a librarian spans from literacy development in young learners and evaluating physical and electronic resources to helping students conduct research using reputable sources (all while understanding and respecting the ethics of digital technology).

In today’s climate, librarians are proving themselves even more valuable as they help both students and teachers navigate learning in online environments. As in-person learning has been traded for virtual classrooms, librarians have doubled their efforts in collaborating with teachers.

“Librarians have been at forefront during recent events,” said Maria A. Pacino Ed.D., M.L.S., chair of the Department of Library and Information Studies at Azusa Pacific University. “They continue to work with teacher colleagues by supporting student academic assignments, providing access to needed electronic resources and databases, and offering reference services across the curriculum to assist students with research topics as well as technology needs.” This includes planning for possible hybrid and integrated learning models for the upcoming school year.

The need for competent, passionate librarians in all levels of education is vital to keep students moving forward. Just like teachers in the classroom, skilled librarians can prepare students to successfully go out into the world.

Earning Your Library Degree at APU

The Master of Arts in School Librarianship degree offered at Azusa Pacific University prepares students to lead beyond the walls of their school libraries. Pacino shared that APU’s online program blends theoretical coursework with practical training, preparing students for educational leadership as librarian services teachers. And because the program is offered with the online Teacher Librarian Services Credential, students can earn both their graduate degree and credential together.

With this degree, you’ll become equipped with expertise in literacy, technology, and curricula—ready to confidently take on the tasks of:

  • Instructing students how to choose and use library materials.
  • Planning and coordinating school library programs.
  • Selecting materials for school and district libraries.
  • Supervising library programs at the school district or county level.
  • Planning instruction for students who help with school library operations.
  • Supervising classified personnel assigned to school library duties.
  • Developing procedures for and management of the school and district libraries.

Upon graduation, you’ll be able to confidently lead students with the tools they need to learn in and outside the classroom.

Taking the Next Steps

Earning your librarian degree online can prepare you to lead not only in your library but in your school and district, too. The theoretical and practical expertise from a school librarianship master’s degree means you can prepare students for whichever unique learning experiences come their way. And, as they say, knowledge is power.

Are you ready to better meet students’ needs in a changing climate with a Master of Arts in School Librarianship? If so, learn more about the online library program offered at Azusa Pacific University and apply today.