Flapjack Friday

by Jessica Boggs '03

Question: What happens when you mix four boxes of pancake mix, the men from Residence Life and an open invitation to APU men? Answer: Flapjack Fridays.

About 50 APU men convened to feast on pancakes and all the fixings November 22, 2002 from 8-9:15 a.m. in the LAPC Banquet Room. The event was sponsored by M.O.M. (Men of Mystery), a group comprised of the male Residence Life staff members Charlie Moore, Daron Hubbert, Jon Gropp, Dan Drozdenko, Micah Palpant, and Jeremiah Dean.

“We’re happy with how today went,” said Dan Drozdenko, Crestview residence director. “There were a lot more men here than we had expected.”

This Flapjack Friday was the first of many to come this school year. It was a time for guys to get to know each other, share dorm experiences, and enjoy breakfast. For some, they were meeting for the very first time.

“I didn’t necessarily want to get up at eight this morning to come to this,” said Ryan Kinane ’05. “But we’re here to serve each other. That means that even if you don’t think you need it, someone else might need you. That’s why I came.”

Each Flapjack Friday will feature a guest speaker who will discuss a section of the M.O.M. mission statement: “To encourage men to explore freedom, strength, faith, desire, and masculinity channeled through wisdom, so that they might further discover their identity and purpose in Christ.”

APU Campus Pastor Chris Brown was the first guest speaker for the event. Speaking on faith and identity, Brown reflected on a passage from the beginning of Jesus’ ministry in Mark 1:35-39. The men discussed where they find their identity and compared it to how Jesus found his.

After the discussion, APU staff and faculty extended invitations to the men to join them at their houses anytime they wanted to get together and talk. “I value each and everyone of you who are here today,” said APU President Jon Wallace. “I’d love to sit down and talk with you guys any day about what it is to follow Jesus Christ.”