A Taste Of Culture

by Jessica Boggs '03

Chinese meatballs? Boba? Thai tea? Yabrac? These were just a few of the multicultural things showcased at this year’s Global Fest, held November 6, 2002 on Cougar Walk. Azusa Pacific University, International Students Services (ISS), and the Office of World Missions sponsored the event as part of this year’s global vision week themed, “Do You Know?”

“We’re real happy with how today has gone,” said Annette McCabe, an intern for ISS programs. “We’ve had a lot of participation from both students and staff. It’s neat to be able to give students the chance to showcase their culture.”

The celebration of diversity showcased international foods, multicultural music, and different performing arts. APU’s Gospel Choir and International Anklung Choir also performed. Cougar Walk was lined with international foods, and crafts for students to enjoy. Some of the exotic foods included Thai tea, Chinese meatballs, and Takoyaki.

“It’s special to me to be able to share my food with others and educate them,” said Justin Assa as he served Thai pork bread.

Summer mission tables were also set up, providing students and faculty an opportunity to ask questions and educate themselves on mission opportunities.

“I think it was insightful to provide booths for summer missions,” said Adelle Booysen, a visiting scholar from South Africa in the APU Leadership Study Program. “I was able to talk to them and begin thinking about other ministries after I leave APU.”