Notes from the Field: Kenya, May 23

by Team Kenya

We have just said goodbye to our first village. Let's just say it was much easier to be welcomed than to say goodbye. We were given gifts that literally brought tears to our eyes. Just to name a few: tire shoes, lanterns, and a LAMB! In the Kenyan culture, that is quite a gift! Jordan did the honors in sacrificing the lamb and we had it for supper. Quite the experience!

We are now in route to our second village, Plateau. There we will be working with Pastor Rono and the Alcoholics Anonymous groups. Please pray for an easy transition into another village. Pray for continued health (we are all still well). Pray that we could continue to be vessels of God's love.

As Joel and I have spent the past few days watching this team, you just need know they are amazing! The way they serve incredible! Thanks for supporting them in this journey.

Team Kenya is Sandi Caminiti, Stacie Champine, Karen Feid, Kierra Higgens, Jordan MacCollam, Matt Miller, Joel Miller, and Alexandra Prodanovich.

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