The Work Never Ends

by Mandy Welch '04

Although the student population of APU decreases with the arrival of summer, more than 650 students remain to work on campus. "The number of summer student workers is usually about half the number of school year student workers," said Louisa Vasquez, director of student employment.

Shelley Birdsong ’04, is a librarian assistant in the Marshburn V. Memorial Library. Her duties include attending the circulation desk, checking books in and out, answering questions, and working in the media center. “I also do shelf readings, which is where we go through all the books to make sure they are in the right place,” she said.

InCom workers are still around as well. There is more to do than just hand out cue sticks and ping-pong balls to students looking for a study break. “My main job is to answer the phone and sell tickets. I’m here to let the students play,” says Robin Watson ‘03. “It’s our service to the campus,” says Watson.

Campus Events may not be as busy as they were during the school year, but there are still things to be done. “Campus Events is a great department to work for. At times it gets really busy, but some days, it’s pretty dull,” said Sean Sherrod ’03.