Meet Your Major 2002

by Jessica Boggs '03

Cougar Walk buzzed with students, faculty, and alumni on October 10 as Career Services, Academic Advising, and Exodus Board Shop sponsored this year’s Meet Your Major.

The annual Meet Your Major event provides students with the opportunity to obtain information about various majors in one location. For those who have not yet declared a major, the afternoon is a valuable experience, presenting an overall picture of the majors offered at APU. This year featured twenty-one different departments.

“Today was very helpful for me,” said Delane Osbrink ’05. “I have no idea of what I want to major in, so being able to visit various departments and see where I would fit in was insightful.”

Loud, colorful booths heaping with free candy and APU paraphernalia, sought the curiosity of students on their way to and from class. Each time a student stopped and took time at a booth, they were given a raffle ticket. Drawings took place sporadically throughout the day, featuring food coupons, Exodus Board Shop skate decks, and clothing.

“I noticed a lot of alumni at the different booths,” said Karen Davidson ’04. “I thought that was a good idea because I could hear about what is required to get a degree, what I could do with it, and hear other’s experiences.”

In addition to Meet Your Major, an alumni-roundtable was held that evening at 7 p.m. in LAPC. Seven APU alumni attended the event to share their experiences and wisdom to the students. Marriage and family therapy, law, public relations, music production, dancing, and marketing were just a few of the fields represented.

“We wanted to give students the opportunity to learn more about the fields they are interested in and ask questions,” said Career Service Director Lynn Pearson.

“The communication skills I learned here are invaluable,” said Alumni Nate Cox, senior technical service representative of Dole Fresh Fruit Company. “Whether I am talking to a truck driver dropping off bananas or the president of the company, communication skills are important.”

For more information about careers and declaring a major contact Career Services at (626) 812-3071 or email [email protected]