Men's Chorale Ministers in South Korea

by University Relations

From May 1–19, Men’s Chorale engaged the South Korean Christian community through music, encouraging and inspiring millions at 25 performances throughout the nation during their two-and-a-half-week tour.

With a 25 percent Christian population and some of the largest churches in the world, South Korea thrives as a center for Christianity. During the tour, Men’s Chorale sang at seven megachurches with average memberships of 200,000. Most notably, they performed at Myung Sung, the largest Presbyterian church in the world, and Yoido Full Gospel, a Pentecostal church recognized by Guinness World Records as the world’s largest congregation, with more than one million members. “The trip allowed APU to draw upon the spiritual resources in Korea and share its own global vision, partnering with Korean Christians to further God’s Kingdom,” said John Park, Ph.D., special advisor to the president and professor of theology, who helped organize the tour.

The 84-member choir reached still more audiences by giving full concerts over radio and television through the Christian Television System (CTS), the Korean Christian Broadcasting Station (CBS), and the Far East Broadcasting Company, all of which reach listeners throughout the world through international stations. Partnering with world-renowned Korean choirs, the group also performed joint concerts with An San City Choir, Ewha Women’s University Chamber Choir, Baekseok University Chamber Choir, and Mokpo City Choir.

“The students gained a new, expanded vision of what following Christ can look like,” said Park. “As they spread God’s Word and shared their faith with Koreans, they were changed by seeing God working in Korea’s diverse community.” The trip also represented an important step in the university’s continued efforts toward internationalization. “This tour fostered intercultural and ethnic understanding in students and the university as a whole by engaging people and issues beyond American borders in a promotion of peace, joy, and love,” said Park.

Another highlight occurred May 5, the internationally observed Children’s Day, when Men’s Chorale sang with the CBS Children’s Choir at an army camp near the Korean Demilitarized Zone. “Music is the quickest way to reach anyone’s heart, regardless of language or cultural boundaries,” said Harold Clousing, DMA, conductor of Men’s Chorale. “The rich spiritual traditions of the hymns we sing, the powerful melodies and harmonies, and our heartfelt expressions of these songs created an experience of worship empowering closer relationships with God and one another in the midst of conflict.”

Originally published in the Fall '14 issue of APU Life. Download the PDF or view all issues.