Campus Safety Trains with Firefighters

by Mandy Welch '04

On May 6, Azusa Pacific University’s Department of Campus Safety officers were trained in crowd control and fire safety by the Los Angeles County Fire Department (LACoFD). The LACoFD was training new recruits and agreed to let Campus Safety do some training with them.

Three engine companies responded to the event as if it were a real call. During exercises in the Shire living area, their SCBA masks (a type of gas mask used by the LACoFD) were completely blacked out to simulate lack of visibility during a fire.

The Campus Safety personnel were given instructions by the fire department about their responsibility as “first responders” in case of a structure fire. “We’re the first responders to everything. If [our officers] can glean information, it can make the difference between being safe and not being safe,” said Chief Jim Holland, director of the Department of Campus Safety.

This exercise was mandatory for Campus Safety staff and optional for students staying to work for the summer.