Mosaic Caucus Creates Racial Bias Awareness

by University Relations

Azusa Pacific seeks to reflect the diversity of God’s Kingdom in every aspect of its living and learning environment. As part of that ongoing effort, the Student Center for Reconciliation and Diversity supervises the Mosaic Caucus, an advisory group that represents the university’s undergraduate Latino, Black, Asian, Armenian, international, and other student populations. The group meets monthly to discuss concerns, events, incidents, and issues with relevant offices, departments, or individuals.

Primarily, the Mosaic Caucus reaches beyond the goal of merely quelling tension—the student members strive to foster racial harmony and change the way the APU community reacts and responds to racism and discrimination. The Mosaic Caucus formed in fall 2015 in response to an incident involving culturally insensitive behavior and helped resolve the situation by helping all involved parties seek perspective and reconciliation.

Today, the group comprises 15 students and administrators committed to facilitating dialogue that moves to action. The group’s statement of purpose includes the following actions to help create a unified campus: providing a space to facilitate healthy conversation and mutual understanding concerning ethnic and racial issues within a group of diverse representatives; using social platforms to gather information and input from fellow students; issuing public statements, making recommendations, and, if necessary, writing and passing resolutions in partnership with the Student Government Association regarding university-wide diversity issues; serving as a voice to inform the decisions made by the administration and other campus offices; serving as advocates of the undergraduate student population; and creating educational opportunities for students, faculty, and staff members to prevent discriminatory incidents on campus.

Originally published in the Fall '16 issue of APU Life. Download the PDF or view all issues.