School of Music is Heard in Korea

by Tim Posada '05

APU has a special connection to certain schools around the globe: By building relationships internationally, APU enables students to transfer between these schools as if they were an extension of one big school. Meaning, class units will cross over. Seoul Theological Seminary in Seoul, Korea is one such school. To further this relationship between APU and Seoul Theological Seminary, Duane Funderburk, DMA, dean of the School of Music, visited Korea for nine days in December.

"The purpose of the trip was to bring APU to the forefront in Seoul through concerts and music," said Funderburk. "We got our name out there."

During the visit, Funderburk, along with Alex Russel '03, performed a series of concerts at two schools and three churches. Along with performances, Funderburk conducted music seminars for two masters classes and held auditions for Seoul students interested in attending. As a result, two students will arrive next fall to begin APU's music program with substantial scholarships, along with two other students who want to join the APU community.

The trip to Korea was made possible through the help of John Park, Ph.D., associate professor of theology and ethics. Another trip is scheduled for fall 2006, when the faculty hope to further develop these scholarly, musical connections with the people of Seoul.