Renaissance Revelry

by Sean Fitzpatrick '04

On May 9-10 and May 16-17, APU Drama partnered with Azusa Renaissance to host a production of Sleeping Beauty. Before the Saturday performances, local Azusa children participated in acting workshops, while APU provided dinner before the play.

"The purpose of holding the festival is to bring the theater arts to the Azusa community," said Marcia Aguilar ’03, one of the three fairies in the production. "Most of the kids here haven’t even seen a live play before."

People of all ages attended the event and enjoyed the performance. "It was a good way for APU to mingle with the Azusa community," said APU student Ivy Connolly ’04. The actors worked hard to present a play that demonstrated the talent and dedication behind the theater arts. "We spent several Sundays discussing and practicing our show," said Charmaine Reed ’04, another fairy. "The last week especially was the most challenging, but this experience has been fun."