Ready to Lead on Campus and Beyond

by Nathan Foster

“When I began my college education at APU, I was a huge introvert. It was hard because so many people here are really extroverted. Then I felt a calling. At first, I was scared and didn’t step into it, but once I did, I realized God had a whole new world of leadership waiting for me. I recognized that I could use the gifts God has given me on campus and beyond.”

Stepping out in faith, Renee Hoffman decided to take a chance on several leadership roles at APU. These risks paid off and Hoffman grew as an obedient Christ follower. During her freshman year, she served as an ambassador, taking care of prospective students when they visited. As a sophomore, she became an Alpha leader, guiding freshmen in the beginning of their collegiate journey. Hoffman proceeded to serve as a Discipleship Group leader, helping friends dive deeper into the Bible. Last summer, she co-led an action team in Hungary and the Czech Republic, where she shared the Gospel through skits and flash mobs with people on the street.

All of these opportunities encouraged Hoffman to add a leadership minor on top of her psychology major, prompting her to a discovery. “God has called me to spread love and joy, and to not keep my relationship with Jesus Christ private, but to live it out and share it in any way possible on a daily basis,” she said.

After graduating in May 2020, Hoffman plans to pursue a career as a behavioral intervention therapist, working with children with special needs. She is currently assisting a young boy with OCD and ADHD, helping him catch up on his reading abilities. “I love working with kids,” she said. “I want to take those leadership qualities God has given me and use them in my line of work to embody my walk with Christ.”

Nathan is a public relations intern in the Office of University Relations. He is a double major in journalism and public relations.