Students Create Artistic Community

by Jody Godoy '05

On Thursday, October 24 the sounds of jazz and conversation filled the Citrus College art complex as Revolution 626, an independent forum for the creative arts run by APU students, held its first event of the year.

The evening's art classes kept their doors open to the sound of poetry readings, acoustic guitars, and jazz instrumentalists. Around the courtyard of the art complex, works of fine art by both Citrus and APU students were displayed. the event was attended by students from both schools, as well as other local and visiting artists.

“I felt like APU students should be doing more with the community,” said Jonathan Edwards ’04. “We want to create a bridge between APU and Citrus,” said Troy Welstad ’04, “we’re here to build relationships and make connections.” Edwards and Welstad are two of the founders of Revolution 626.

“I think it’s a great place for students from different backgrounds to get together and appreciate each other’s art,” said APU student Sarah Salazar ’04. “I liked it, and I’ll go next time,” said Citrus student Mugifumi Akimoto. “Our schools are so close, but in many ways they’re separated. This could be a solution.”

For information on upcoming Revolution 626 events, please contact [email protected].