APU West Campus parking lot
APU West Campus parking lot

Shining a Light on Safety and Savings

by Rebekah Bruckner '18

Students leaving evening classes or late night study sessions at the library on East Campus will now notice a well lit path through Cougar Walk and the main parking lot due to the addition of new LED lights. This university enhancement promotes safety and contributes to a better overall campus aesthetic while reducing energy costs.

“The new lighting lends to the physical security of the campus," said Timothy Finneran, Chief of Campus Safety. “Improved lighting deters criminal activity and provides better clarity for our security cameras, helping create a safer environment for the APU community.”

Since November, 2017, 135 new lights have been installed across East Campus. This summer, Toney Snyder, assistant director of environmental stewardship, and his team will install 105 more lights on West Campus.

These energy efficient lights bring substantial savings. “A typical light pole uses between 150 and 400 watts,” said Snyder. “The new LEDs are between 60 and 300 watts. Most areas see a 50 percent reduction in power while producing more light, which makes the campus brighter.”

Within the last 10 years, APU has completed various interior lighting projects, saving upwards of $400,000 each year. This exterior lighting update will save an additional $19,000 annually. “I am really proud of the improvements Facilities Management has made,” said Synder. “Next, we plan to focus our efforts on making the HVAC systems more efficient, continuing APU’s commitment to steward our resources wisely.”

Rebekah Bruckner '18 is an editorial and public relations intern in the Office of University Relations.