With Students Away, Staff Will Play

by Kerri Fernsworth '02

The second annual staff, faculty, and administration softball games brought four teams to Azusa Square on July 12. Organized by the Office of Alumni Relations, the games are quickly becoming an Azusa Pacific summer tradition.

Fans packed the bleachers to cheer on the Laughing Hyenas, Lumbering Lions, Hungry Hungry Hippos, and Elephants: Large and In-charge. Winners of the first two games, Hyenas and Lions, played each other for the championship.

The final game was well matched; although the Hyenas were strong defensively, they were unable to stop three Lion homeruns. Jason Flicker, graphic designer in the Office of University Marketing and Creative Media, put up a fight as a Hyena when he hit the teams’ only homerun.

“The homerun I hit cleared the fence, but it was nothing compared to [Mike] Barnett's shot over the Drive-in wall,” said Flicker. Unfortunately for the Hyenas, the Lions pulled through in the end to win 4-2.