APU Lights Up the Silver Screen

by Sean Fitzpatrick '04

On Friday, April 25, at Foothill Cinema, APU held its annual student film festival. The films were all directed by current APU students in the Cinema and Broadcast Arts program.

When the doors opened at 7 p.m., the theater filled up quickly with student directors’ friends and family and other APU students anxiously awaiting the premiere. The films ran one right after another for more than two hours.

The variety of represented genres included, documentaries, music videos, and shorts. Some of the films were lighthearted and comical while others portrayed more serious issues.

Throughout the evening, the student directors and actors captivated the audience with their talent. "I was very impressed with the films," said Ivy Connolly ’04, a student attending the festival. "I was amazed at the skill that all the creators had and the amount of work that they put into each film."

Afterward, the student directors led a question and answer session. The audience asked any questions they had about the films, and the directors used the opportunity to explain why they chose their topics and discussed the meanings of their films.<