Mr. Hinshaw, I Presume?

by Nicole Chin '08

He introduces himself while reaching to shake the hand of Antelope Valley’s principal. The man across from him offers a smile and asks, “So tell me about yourself, Tom?” Tom Hinshaw, like more than 300 other candidates, is at APU’s Teacher Interview Day.

Unlike many of the other candidates though, Hinshaw, who attended classes and studied at APU’s Orange County Regional Center, has lived more years outside of college, bringing a wealth of experience. “I want to have a student who 10 years from now looks back and remembers me. That’ll be enough. And, hopefully my Christian character will shine through.”

Many schools are looking for an attitude similar to Hinshaw’s. John Rouse, dean of admissions at Maranatha High School, asks candidates questions concerning the Christian faith but more importantly about how one sees him or herself as a mentor.

“I pull the most from APU. The teachers want more than income,” said Robert M. Gutzwiller, superintendent of Foothill Christian Schools.

Sponsored by APU’s Office of Career Services and the School of Education and Behavioral Studies, Teacher Interview Day took place at the Richard and Vivian Felix Event Center on Thursday, May 12. A candidate could sign up for as many interviews as he or she wanted. Hinshaw had three; Antelope Valley Christian School was his last one. More than 60 districts were present and approximately 1,200 interviews took place. “I’ve been to two other [interview days]. APU’s was the best one that I’ve been too,” Rouse said.