A T.E.A.M. Effort

by Sean Fitzpatrick '04

On July 11-19, APU’s Haggard School of Theology hosted the annual T.E.A.M. conference. The event, a main training opportunity for the Youth Leadership Institute (YLI), brought more than 100 high school juniors and seniors to the APU campus.

The YLI exists to train and challenge current high school youth leaders. During the T.E.A.M. conference, attendees gathered to learn about new concepts in godly leadership. Participants later broke into smaller groups where they discussed the day’s topic.

The conference expressed the importance for youth leaders to share their passion with one another, and build friendships with one another. The attendees met in accountability groups as well as one-on-one sessions with mentors.

In addition to the training sessions and group discussions, participants had opportunities to put their new skills into practice. On July 17, the T.E.A.M. participants, partnering with APU’s student-led Hearts of Joy program, served at Charles H. Lee Elementary School in Azusa. Also, on July 18, the high school students, this time partnering with the Office of Ministry and Service (MAS), participated in a beautification project at the Peppertree neighborhood in Azusa. These opportunities provided a way for T.E.A.M. conference attendees to display what they had learned about the importance of ministry and service in leadership from the conference.