Top Resources for Teachers and Educators in Southern California

by Evelyn Allen

Teacher Appreciation Week: A time to give back to the education professionals who do so much for our students and communities. This compilation of resources for teachers and educators is a small expression of gratitude for your dedication. Supporting your efforts goes hand in hand with the mission of Azusa Pacific’s School of Education to prepare exceptional educators like you who make a positive impact in the field.

Alumni Educator Benefits

If you graduated from APU’s School of Education, you have access to professional development opportunities and career and classroom resources through the School of Education’s Office of Alumni and Professional Services. There are also tuition discounts available for APU alumni, as well as for those working in partnering districts, counties, and charter schools.

Events for Teachers and Schools

For teachers and education professionals in area schools, Azusa Pacific hosts a number of educator-specific events as well as educational programming for your students. Stay connected to the School of Education on social media (Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube) and through their email newsletter to learn about upcoming events.

Staying Ahead of the Curve in K-12 Education

Historic changes are taking place in our state and nation’s school systems, and student needs are shifting with the rapid pace of cultural transformation. APU works to remain at the forefront of understanding the future of education, and can help you continue growing in your teaching career.

Resources for Teachers-in-Training

Are you mentoring an up-and-coming teacher or know someone who is interested in following in your footsteps toward a career in education? These resources can help demystify some of the important parts of the journey to becoming a teacher.

Across the K-12 Spectrum

Understanding the different roles that support students in your school can help you grow in your capacity as an education leader. Explore two different pathways in pupil personnel services and why they are increasingly vital in today’s learning communities.

College Opportunity For Your Students

As your students begin to explore college opportunities, one avenue to consider is APU’s guaranteed admission partnerships. Azusa Pacific maintains MOUs with a number of school districts and private schools in Southern California. These agreements guarantee admittance and at least $10,000 in financial aid to students who meet a set of minimum academic requirements.

Azusa Pacific University’s School of Education recognizes the great rewards and challenges you face in your role as a teacher and educator. We’re available to serve as a resource for you, your school, and your district and invite you to stay connected by joining our mailing list