Why Campus Visits Aren’t Just for Undergraduates

by Stephanie Thurrott

When you’re applying to graduate school, there can be a lot of demands on your schedule. You’ll be studying for your GREs, writing a personal statement, requesting letters of recommendation, and forwarding transcripts. With all the tasks that need completing, fitting in campus visits might seem overwhelming. That’s understandable!

But nothing beats an in-person experience.

Campus visits can help you feel confident that you found the school community that’s the right fit for you. If you’re considering graduate studies at Azusa Pacific University, it’s a good idea to schedule a campus visit and see if it feels like the best school to boost your skills and shape your future.

Gathering the Information You Need

APU offers graduate-level programs throughout Southern California in Azusa, Orange County, Los Angeles, San Diego, the Inland Empire, the High Desert, Monrovia, and Murrieta as well as online. Additionally, APU has programs in place to encourage and support military-connected students and international students.

Information meetings and preview nights are ideal ways to find out more about graduate study at APU. During information meetings, you’ll focus on the program you’re interested in, a collection of programs related to your field, or all the available programs. You can meet faculty, consult with admissions representatives, and learn more about APU’s offerings.

Preview nights give you a firsthand look at what it’s like to be a graduate student at APU. You’ll meet faculty, staff, and students while learning about admissions—each graduate program has its own requirements. You’ll also learn about financial aid for graduate students, which could include federal loans, state grants, fellowships, or scholarships. Preview nights at APU’s regional campuses might showcase all of their graduate programs, while preview nights at the main campus might focus on programs in a particular department or subject area.

Scheduling a Visit on Your Own

If upcoming information meetings and preview nights don’t work with your schedule, you can still visit any of APU’s campuses on your own! An individual campus visit can help you get a better sense of the school’s offerings and its faith-based approach toward community.

When you come to campus, you’ll have a chance to connect with faculty to learn more about your desired program’s strengths as well as the coursework. You may want to ask what projects you’ll be expected to complete, how classes are structured, what outside opportunities are available to augment your classroom learning, and how Christian faith is integrated within the program. Contact the Student Services Center to arrange a visit or reach out to the campus location near you.

Making Valuable Connections

You can also use your time on campus to talk to current graduate students about why they chose APU, how they feel about their decision, and how they balance their studies with other responsibilities. Those personal conversations can forge connections and help you position yourself for success as a graduate student at APU.

During your visit, talking to admissions representatives can help you better understand the application process and deadlines. Additionally, you’ll have a chance to learn about financial aid opportunities that can make your graduate degree more affordable.

Getting your feet on the ground—literally—is the best way to get a feel for a university’s culture. When you visit APU, you can observe classes to see if they match your learning style, spend time touring the campus, watch how students interact, and evaluate how you might feel as a student there.

Are you ready to take the next step toward graduate study by visiting one of Azusa Pacific University’s campuses? Find an upcoming information meeting or preview night at a campus near you!