Words from the Wise

by Melissa Nicholas '05

From March 4th to April 8th, APU hosted its first annual Spring Lecture Series for Women. The weekly topics covered many areas of life, including finances, fairytales, men and women in the Church, singleness, and balance in everyday lives. The lecture series was put on for the purposes of fellowship and learning from wise women about different life issues.

Among the lecturers, storyteller Melea Brock '78 taught a lecture titled "Living in the Story," and emphasized the necessity of time and relationship with God, through her many colorful stories and fairy tales. Using facial expression, voice tones, body movements, and elaborate words, Brock taught her life lessons through her own writings. "Stories have preservations, they come back to us and teach us, God uses stories to teach us," she said.

Fulbright Scholar Kimberly Battle-Walters, Ph.D., lectured on "The Courage to Be Single," and focused on embracing life as a single person. "Determine to live an extraordinary life," said Battle-Walters. "That means using God’s gifts with the time he has given you to be single." Battle-Walters encouraged her audience through her own life lessons, interacting with them through open conversation throughout her lecture, and then answering questions.

The lecture series was hosted by the Women’s Resource Center, a developing project founded by women students who desire to educate, inspire and encourage advocacy for the Women of APU. For more information on projects by the Women’s Resource Center, contact Melissa Mellott at (626) 815-3878, or email mmellott@apu.edu.