Summer Student Interns Stay Busy at APU

by Mandy Welch '04

Student workers stay busy during the summer in a variety of ways. Those working in the Office of the Registrar are always doing something. If they aren’t helping students navigate through paperwork or register for classes, they are filing, typing, answering phones, opening mail, and performing customer service -- and that’s only in the front! In the back of the office, more student workers do verifications and transfer inquiries.

“We stay pretty busy,” said Andrew Degoylar ’04. “It’s not as crazy as during the school year, but the work load is pretty consistent.”

The School of Music student staff members stays busy as well. “I book concerts, call churches, make contacts for the school, and do a lot of promotional work,” said Kevin Orrm '05. At this point in the summer, the Undergraduate School of Music is preparing for the academic school year and Rehearsal Camp, which begins August 22.

Over in the Office of Undergraduate Admissions, life is getting busier with the new school year fast approaching. “Student Interns in admission do pretty much whatever is needed at the time. It's fairly busy here," said William Davis '05. "We give tours, work the phones, process files and information, work special events, and reply to emails,” said Davis. “[Working here] provides an understanding of the in’s and out’s of admissions and how important this office is to the school and its students.”