Adjunct Faculty Spotlight: Dr. L. Natalie Buickians, Music Studies

Dr. L. Natalie Buickians is a 2020 District Winner & Regional Finalist of the Metropolitan National Opera Council, a 2018 Third Place winner of the Jesse Kneisel Lieder Competition, a Second Place winner of the Friends of Eastman Opera Aria Competition in 2017, a 2021 speaker at Kenosha Opera Festival, and a staff singer for Pacific Chorale and Long Beach Camerata Singers!

What’s your advice to someone pursuing a career in the field you teach?

Music is traditionally an unstable field. There are a number of things I would advise to students pursuing music, but first and foremost would be: make sure that you are pursuing music prayerfully, intentionally, and mindfully. Make sure that God is involved in EVERY DECISION.

Where is your favorite spot on APU’s campus? Why?

Munson courtyard. Hearing the musicians practice, share meals, and build relationships over their shared love of music makes Munson courtyard a special place.

What has been your proudest moment of your career so far?

The proudest moment of my career so far has been to be a fellow with Carnegie Hall's SongStudio 2020. Working with Renée Fleming, Gerald Martin Moore, Javier Arrebola, and the other singers and pianists was a dream come true.

What projects, if any, are you currently working on? Please tell us a little about it.

I am currently finishing up an article about the Ararat plain dialect and its role in the modern linguistic interpretation/performance practice of Gomidas Vartabed's 40 published art songs, (ed. Robert Atayan). I am also working on a book that would outline the linguistic rules associated with Armenian lyric diction in order to make more widely available the vast Armenian art song repertoire to non-native speakers.

How do you stay connected to God, and how do you keep your heart soft?

Pray continuously. When I started devoting my early mornings and late evenings to studying His word and praying, I noticed my heart and my character completely transform. It's a painful process realizing just how wicked and broken we are, but He saves us, carries us, teaches us, guides us, protects us, loves us. We are so unworthy, but he makes us worthy. Alleluia to Adonai!

If you were given the platform to share a piece of wisdom with the world, what would you say?

Soli Deo Gloria [Latin for ‘to the glory of God alone’] |

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