Faculty/Staff Resources

For faculty/staff seeking rooms/apartments/homes for rent or wishing to buy/sell property, the Office of Asset Management facilitates the search by providing university-owned, noncampus housing options and maintaining up-to-date lists of local rooms and property for rent/sale. This free service for all APU faculty/staff provides detailed information about potential housing opportunities and property sales, including current rental rates as well as contact numbers.

For Rent/Sale

Search for properties to rent or buy.

View a list of local properties that are available for rent.

View a list of rooms in local homes that are available for rent.

Liability and Fraud

These lists are provided as housing assistance to students and other constituents of Azusa Pacific University only. APU and Asset Management assume no responsibility for the satisfaction of rental situations.

ADVERTISERS ARE NOT SCREENED. For tips about how to avoid potential scams and fraud, we recommend visiting the FBI’s Internet Fraud page or the Craigslist Avoiding Scams page. Should you suspect that an advertisement is a fraud, contact us as soon as possible.

We reserve the right to remove and revoke any advertiser’s privileges at any time. We do not screen tenants or landlords; we exclusively list.

We urge parties to require complete application, credit report, and copy of student ID card as verification, if applicable, from applicant prior to any renting activity.