Research Projects

Doctoral Programs in Higher Education Research Teams for the 2016-17 Academic Year

Exploring Dimensions of Women in Leadership and Women’s Leadership Development
Karen Longman

A September 2013 Harvard Business Review cover story described the “often fragile process of coming to see oneself, and to be seen by others, as a leader” (Ibarra, Ely, & Kolb, 2013, p. 62). Over the past few years, this research team has been examining motivators and barriers related to women’s leadership aspirations and advancement. This year’s team is working with interview data from 30 participants in Women’s Advanced Leadership Development Institutes to better understand the role and influence of mentors, coaches, and sponsors in their leadership journeys. The team is particularly interested in learning more about what contributes to “coming to see oneself” as a leader. Future research topics being considered include the influence of “toxic” leadership, the relationship between success and likability, the “Queen Bee” phenomenon, “sanctified sexism,” leading as “tempered radicals,” the experiences of “onlyness” (women serving as the only senior-level leader), or issues related to tokenism.

Race and Justice in Higher Education
Alexander Jun

As part of an ongoing research project, students will have an opportunity to join in examining multiple facets of racial justice efforts at institutions of higher education, domestically and internationally. The research team will build upon previous years of research on justice advocacy work, the identity formation and experiences of white administrators across a broad array of activities, and engagement at faith-based and secular institutions.

Strengths for Success: The Impact of Intervention on College Student Thriving
Laurie Schreiner

The purpose of this study is to create a repertoire of effective interventions appropriate for first- and second-year students in and out of the classroom, interventions that build on the best practices in strengths-based education, plus the best of positive psychology, motivation theory, and student success literature. In particular, interventions that incorporate attention to students’ strengths and calling will be tested.

Student Success and Experiences Among Underrepresented Populations in Higher Education
Young Kim

This research project examines the unique patterns of college experience and outcomes among underrepresented, underserved, and/or disadvantaged student populations in higher education. The research team has been examining educational disparities between underrepresented populations (such as Latinos in highly selective institutions, international students, and religious minorities in faith-based institutions) and their counterpart majority groups.

Higher Education in the Asia Pacific
Chris Collins

This research team explores megatrends in Asian higher education and the issue of Western, Confucian, and hybrid education models and their role in massification.

Globally Relevant Higher Education: A Critical Examination of the Nexus Between Higher Education Innovation and Global Learning
Frances Wu

This study employs an exploratory, sequential mixed-method approach to investigate select U.S. higher education institutions or alternative higher learning models.

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