First-year master’s in athletic training students complete two courses in research methods. During their second year, students form research teams headed by an individual faculty member. Students apply to join a faculty member’s research team after considering the faculty member’s areas of interest. As members of a research team, students gain experience in creating a research question, exploring literature, seeking approval for a research project, collecting data, analyzing data, and writing for publication.

Current and Former Student Research Projects


  • Recovery methods of performing artists (Courtney Grande, Carlos Jauregi, Franz Abellon, Krystal Montes, Michael Estrada, Jennifer Livingston, Ph.D., ATC)
  • Rate of injury in athletes with various-length return-to-play progressions following a concussion (Nicholas Taylor, Jorden Hart, Leilani Martinez, Samuel Doctorian, Christopher Schmidt, Ph.D., ATC)
  • The short-term effect of instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization on ankle dorsiflexion (Christy L. Gendron, DAT, ATC, Megan Carroll, Synclaire Hamilton, Miikella Henry, Emily Hunter-Scapinello)
  • A comparison between the SWAY application and the force platform (Claudia Morales, Rafael Pineda, Krystal Rios, Kennisha Montgomery, Cynthia M. McKnight, Ph.D., ATC)
  • The association between subtalar eversion passive range of motion and frontal plane knee kinematics (Jelani Drake, Chasity Ducre, Caleb Strassberg, Casey Wilson, Robert Dudley, M.S., Andrea Du Bois, Ph.D.)
  • 2018-19

  • The effect of a dynamic warm-up on the Functional Movement Screen (FMS) composite score (CS) in recreational athletes (Carlos Gonzalez, Karen Dimayuga, Nicolle Gamboa, Nicole Jaffke, Jennifer Livingston, Ph.D., ATC)
  • The effect of kinesiology tape on balance in individuals with chronic ankle instability (Joleen N. Galeazzi-Pimentel, Rashid N. Barley, Katie K. Elm, Christopher R. Schmidt, Ph.D., ATC)
  • The effect of self-myofascial release to the plantar surface of the foot on hamstring tightness (Christy L. Gendron, DAT, ATC, Kevin E. Anderson, Ashley E. Torres, Daja L. Kinney, Daniela Velazquez)
  • Overuse injuries in collegiate fast-pitch softball pitchers (Sean Carrington, Kendra Lewin, Jordyn Owen, Khrystianne Padua, Cynthia M. McKnight, Ph.D., ATC)
  • 2017-18

    • Acute differences between post-activation potentiation (PAP) and proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF) on vertical jump performance among recreationally active adults (Savanah Huizar, Nathaniel Townsend, Christopher Schmidt, Ph.D., ATC)
    • The effects of a 5-week yoga and PNF stretching program on the flexibility and balance of collegiate track and field athletes (Guadalupe Alonzo, Veronica Heard, Jennifer Livingston, Ph.D., ATC, Cynthia McKnight, Ph.D., ATC)
    • The treatment of meniscal pathologies using the Mulligan concept “squeeze” technique: A case study (Bryant Wang, Jeffrey Baird, Christy L. Gendron, DAT, ATC)


    • Lower extremity strength and recovery time in pre-adolescent baseball pitchers (Nicholas Tavoukjian, Albert Torres, Lindsay Hunt, Jennifer Livingston, Ph.D., ATC)
    • The correlation between chronic ankle instability and chronic knee pain in collegiate athletes (Erin Godde, Christopher Huerta, Mike Lee, Cynthia McKnight, Ph.D., ATC)
    • The effect of verbal and visual cueing of FMS grading criteria on an individual’s performance (Krystina Aguilera, McKenna Newell, Karla Velazquez, Christy L. Gendron, DAT, ATC)

    Publications from Student Research Projects

    Livingston JL, Tavoukjian, NM. Lower Extremity Strength and Recovery Time in Youth Baseball Pitchers: A Pilot Study. The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, January 28, 2018.

    Accessed July 23, 2018.

    Note: This information is current for the 2020-21 academic year; however, all stated academic information is subject to change. Please refer to the current Academic Catalog for more information.

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