Field Education

The Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) program at Azusa Pacific University prepares students for professional social work practice, including competence in skill performance with diverse populations in a variety of settings in accordance with the Council on Social Work Education accreditation standards. The culmination of the social work major is the two-semester, 400-hour field internship practicum. This internship is a collaboration between community-based agencies and the university, providing sites where students can integrate knowledge and skills learned in the classroom while in professional settings working with clients.

Our BSW program and APU field faculty are committed to a collaborative relationship between field instructors and agencies. In most cases, the field faculty who teach a senior practicum seminar class are the field liaison for their students. This arrangement enables effective communication and coordination between the university, students, and agency. The BSW coordinator of field education provides administrative oversight and support to students, field instructors, and field faculty.

Additional information regarding field education can be found in the BSW Student Handbook (PDF) and Field Education Manual (PDF).

Field Internships

Students are assigned an internship site for the academic year, starting in September and ending in April. APU field faculty visit each student at their internship site twice a year (once a semester) to meet with the field instructor to discuss the student’s skill development and agency experiences in relation to professional identity formation.

Application for Field Placement:
Students should complete the Field Internship Application during the spring semester, prior to entering field. Please contact the BSW coordinator of field education for details on the placement process.

Internship Documents

Field Instruction Manual:

Please use the Social Work Field Education Manual as a guide to the BSW internship program. Included are answers to questions that may surface during the year. Please feel free to contact the BSW coordinator of field education if you have further questions or comments.

Student Learning Agreement and Comprehensive Skills Evaluation:

This tool is used by both student and field instructor as a way to set goals for practice skill development. At the end of each semester, the field instructor will review and evaluate the student’s progress using this document. Additionally, during fall semester, student progress will be assessed using the BSW Mid-Semester Evaluation form.

Field Instructors

Field instructors, we thank you for being a vital part of our students’ education journey. Your participation and partnership with APU provides the opportunity to integrate classroom knowledge and theoretical concepts into direct field practice. Through your leadership, training, and commitment, our students will become competent generalist practitioners and professionalized social workers.

The Field Education Manual (PDF) is developed to inform the field instructor and student intern of the policies, procedures, and expectations for the field education process as established by the Council on Social Work Education’s competencies (CSWE, 2015). The first section provides an overview of the internship program, assignments, and processes. The second section provides policies, procedures, and information to support the role of the field instructor. The third section informs the students about expectations, policies, and procedures to enable them to have a successful year in field education. The appendix contains resources and forms utilized throughout the internship year.

Field Agencies

The Field Agency Affiliation Agreement should be completed by agency representative interested in hosting a social work intern. The potential field instructor should also complete the Field Agency Application Packet. Please contact the BSW coordinator of field education for more details on the placement process.


For more information on the BSW Field Education Program, please feel free to contact us at any time.

Amy Tauati, MSW

BSW Coordinator of Field Education

Note: This information is current for the 2018-19 academic year; however, all stated academic information is subject to change. Please refer to the current Academic Catalog for more information.