Internship Documents

Field Instruction Manual:
Please use the BSW Field Instruction Manual as a guide to the BSW internship program. Included are answers to questions that may surface during the year. Please feel free to contact the BSW Director of Field Education if you have further questions or comments.

Student Learning Agreement and Internship Evaluation:
The student learning agreement and internship evaluation is a tool used by both student and field instructor as a way to set goals for practice skill development. At the end of each semester, the field instructor will review and evaluate the student’s progress.

Application for field placement:
Application is to be filled out by the student after completing Field Orientation during the spring prior to entering field. Please see field director for details of the placement process.

Field Agencies:
Application may be filled out by agency representative interested in hosting a Social Work Intern. Potential supervisor may also fill out a Field Instructor Profile if interested in being a supervisor. Please contact the Field director for more details on the placement process.

Note: This information is current for the 2017-18 academic year; however, all stated academic information is subject to change. Please refer to the current Academic Catalog for more information.