Current Social Work Students

If you are a current social work major, or interested in applying to the BSW program, the resources below can help you navigate the academic process.


Any student interested in social work is encouraged to speak with someone from the BSW program for more information about the major. Students who wish to major in social work should declare “Social Work Interest” as their intended major as soon as possible Contact the Undergraduate Enrollment Services Center in order to begin academic and professional planning. Upon declaring “Social Work Interest” as a major, students are assigned an academic success coach by the Academic Success Center, and meet with their assigned coach to create an initial multiyear academic plan. Additionally, BSW faculty-mentor advisors are assigned by the BSW program. The role of the BSW faculty-mentor advisor is to provide additional academic advisement in coordination with the academic success coach, and mentor students in their professional development. While the BSW faculty-mentor advisor is the primary contact person within the program, students are encouraged to utilize all BSW faculty office hours as needed for professional development.

Prior to registration each semester, the program strongly encourages students to meet with their academic success coach and/or BSW faculty-mentor advisor. Students later apply to the major (see Admission page). Upon a student’s full admission to the program, the Undergraduate Enrollment Services Center changes his or her major status from “Social Work Interest” to “Social Work.”


  1. Schedule an appointment, if necessary, to discuss social work as a choice of major.
  2. Declare “Social Work Interest” as a major through the Undergraduate Enrollment Services Center.
  3. Contact the BSW office to receive your advisor assignment and the BSW Student Handbook (PDF).
  4. Read the BSW Student Handbook in its entirety.
  5. Meet with assigned academic success coach to develop a multiyear academic plan and confirm choice of major.
  6. Meet with your academic success coach and/or BSW faculty-mentor advisor for academic advising prior to registration each semester.

Note: Advisors assist in planning, but students are responsible for coming prepared for advising and being knowledgeable regarding university requirements.

For more information on applying to the social work major, view the BSW admission requirements.

Student Resources

View additional Department of Social Work resources.

Student Learning Outcomes and Competencies Report:

All Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) programs measure and report student learning outcomes. Students are assessed on their mastery of the competencies that comprise the accreditation standards of CSWE. These competencies are dimensions of social work practice that all social workers are expected to master during their professional training.

Student Learning Outcomes and Competencies Report (BSW) (PDF)

Note: This information is current for the 2020-21 academic year; however, all stated academic information is subject to change. Please refer to the current Academic Catalog for more information.

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