MSW Capstone Leadership Showcase

Eighty graduating MSW students participated in a poster presentation Capstone Leadership Showcase event on April 23, 2019. The quality of the work was outstanding, as evidenced by the impact on the partnering internship sites. Faculty judges from Criminal Justice and Psychology Departments selected 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners from both part-time and full-time MSW cohorts.



Allen, Ashley

Raising Awareness of Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy Among Emerging Social Workers

Alonso, Yicel

Peer Mediation Program: Impact on Conflict Resolution Skills Among Fifth Grade Students

Arellanes, Gabriela

Effectiveness of An Open House on Stakeholder Community and Referral

Avila, Vanessa

Identified Themes: Father Involvement in Child Welfare Case Planning

Boehringer, Felicia

Identifying Barriers and Strengths for Engaging Natural Supports of Families Involved in Wraparound Services

Bohorquez, Mary

Exploring Community Resources to Support Brain Health: A Needs Assessment

Camara, Annie

Residential Staff Input on Enhancing Life Skills Classes for Transitional Age Youth

Cazares, Christina

Parent’s Perception and its Impact on Pediatric Mental Health Treatment

Chavez, Claudia

Informing to Advance Social Work Interventions That Improve Care Transitions

Cheong, Brittany

Outcomes of a Community-Based Workshop on Anxiety Awareness and Mindfulness

Chiang, Alyssa

Combating Compassion Fatigue Among Hospital Social Workers by Implementing a Mindfulness Group

Cunningham, Aaron

Developing School Based Mindfulness for At-Promise Youth

D'Agostino, Miranda

Effectiveness of A Mindfulness Pilot Program on Fifth Graders’ Social-Emotional Learning

Dark, Bayley

Evaluating Client Discharge Patterns Within Community Mental Health Outpatient

Davis, Sarah

Exploring Correlation between Student Attendance Rate and Access to Basic Human Needs

Duran, Aurora

Educating Long-Term Care Ombudsmen to Monitor Emergency and Disaster Plans in RCFEs

Edgal, Opeyemi

Launching a Prostitution Diversion Program: Staff Training on Case Management Best Practices

Escobedo, Jacob

Understanding Staff Perceptions of Workplace Climate at a Community Mental Health Clinic

Fregoso, Magen

Development and Evaluation of a Homeless Veterans Housing Program Manual

Gann, Emily

Assessing Readiness for Electronic Record System Implementation at A Community Counseling Center

Garcia, Kaoma

Evaluating the Impact of a Direct Service Training in Cultural Humility

Girgis, Marian

Decreasing Substance Abuse: The Impact of Mindfulness Techniques Among HIV Patients

Gonzalez, Blanca

Evaluation of a CBT Group for Chronic Pain Management with Incarcerated Men

Gonzalez, Cassandra

Identifying Court Continuances within the Department of Children and Family Services

Gutierrez, Fernanda

Assessing Awareness of Anxiety in Middle School students

Gutierrez, Mayra

Utilizing Evidence-Based Practice Manual to Improve Therapists’ Confidence Levels

Hernandez, Jose

Increasing Paternal Engagement in Child's Mental Health Needs Through Spanish Speaking Group

Hernandez, Monica

Increasing Awareness of Mental Health Symptoms Through Community Wellness Workshops

Jarvis (Alvarado), Giselle

Fostering Mindfulness: A Support Group for Social Work Interns in Educational Settings

Jim, Sarah

Examining Crisis Interventions Utilized by Mental Health Clinicians in a Prison System

Johnson, Nicholette

Effectiveness of a Mindfulness Anger Management Group Amongst Re-Offending Male Youth

Juarez Torres, Alondra

Latino Adults Perceived Barriers to Accessing Community Mental Health Services

Karlsson, Ian

Going Back to My Roots: Clinicians' Experiences With The Core Gifts Exercise

Kemp, Emily

Exploring Preventive Emotional Supports for Asian American Christian Youth

Keung, Samantha

Decreasing Burnout: The Importance of Self Care Practices Among Mental Health Clinicians

Knight, Brenda

A trauma Informed Approach for Mental Health Professionals in the Workplace

Lara, Erika

Assessment of Social Service Needs of Veterans in Permanent Housing

Lee, David

Fostering Resiliency in Reducing Burnout Amongst Geriatric Workers

Linares, Brandy

Informing a Los Angeles County Comprehensive Care Clinic on the Challenges Faced by HIV Patients

Lopez, Cinthia

Equipping Outpatient Hospital Staff: Using Mindfulness In Person-Centered Care

Lopez, Cristina

Exploring Participation of Older Adults (65+) in Health Self-Management Evidence-Based Programs

Martinez-Navarro, Annabel

Exploring the Department of Children and Family Services Engagement of Non-Offending Parents

Martinez, Amanda

Evaluating Consistency of Fidelity of CBTp Group Therapy in Forensic Hospital Setting

Martinez, Erica

Social Work Collaboration with El Concilio- Culturally Appropriate GYN Cancer Psychosocial Services

Matias, Gloria

Development of an Intern Manual for a Foster Agency

Medina, Sara

Development and Implementation of a Wellness Program to Nursing Staff

Mendez, Fabihola

Examining Mental Health Screening of Mothers in a Primary Health Care Center

Mendez, Gloria

Decreasing Depressive Symptoms in Mental Health Consumers Through Cognitive Behavioral Group Therapy

Mendez, Jazmine

Factors Correlating to Foster Care Re-Entry for American Indian Youth

Mendez, Maritza

Music Therapy Intervention and the Effect on the Mood of Patients with Dementia

Mendoza, Morgan

Exploring the Interest of Adolescent Males on a Teen Dating Violence Leadership Program

Moore, Breana

Measuring Effectiveness of Community Outreach Psychoeducation with Service Providers & Consumers

Nestor, Courtney

Examining Provider Skill and knowledge of Intimate Partner Violence Screening for Female Veterans

Parris, Jessica

Recurrence of American Indian Child Maltreatment: Exploring Effective Interventions Amongst Child Welfare Workers

Perez, Carolina

Comparing Therapist Perception and Client Experience of Best Practices During Intake Process

Peru, Veronica

Evaluating the Impact of Appreciation Approaches on Volunteer Satisfaction

Pizeno, Mayra

Enhancing Knowledge & Awareness Around System of Homelessness Through Engagement of Local Communities

Quiroz, Amy

Parental Awareness and Perceptions of Homelessness within SPA 7

Ramirez, Logan

Increasing Appropriate Discharge Planning for Residents: An Ombudsman Training

Recinos, Kimberly

Compassion Fatigue Among Mental Health Crisis Responders

Rodrigues, Yvette

A Reminiscence Group for Chinese Elders' Self-Reported Loneliness and Self-Esteem

Ruiz, Richard

Gatekeeper Training on Suicide Prevention for Social Work Interns

Sandoval, Jacob

Examining Identity and Wellbeing Through A Humanistic School-Based Group for LGBTQ Adolescents

Serna, Sandra

Implementing and Measuring the Effectiveness of a Bullying Prevention Curriculum

Shively, Danika

Reducing Compassion Fatigue Among Psychiatric Social Work Interns Using Mindfulness

Skinner, Brittani

The Central Importance of Hope: A Recovery Model Workshop for Inpatient Care

Sotelo, Dori

Vicarious Trauma: Comparing Veteran and Non-Veteran Social Workers at the Veteran’s Hospital

Sotelo, Lizette

Increasing Self Awareness On Vicarious Trauma To Registered Nurses In Hospital Setting

Soto, Carolina

Implementing and Measuring the Effectiveness of a Psychoeducation Group Among Newcomer Students

Stepp, Brandee

Using Mindfulness Strategies to Decrease Workplace Stress at Early Head Start

Thomas, Natalie

Pilot Study: Education on Vicarious Trauma, Self-Care Strategies, and Trauma Symptoms

Tracy, Micaela

Exploring Informal Kinship Caregivers' Experiences of Becoming a Legal Guardian

Tritt, Kristen

Constituent Attitudes on Homelessness: Impact of Congressional District Office Education

Ventura, Brenda

Policies and Procedures Manual to Help Increase Employee's Understanding of Organizational Operations

Walkemeyer, Kayla

The Effectiveness of Family Education Groups in Psychiatric Hospital Settings

Williams, Omar

Exploring Landlords' Motivations, Challenges, and Needs in Collaborating with a Housing Service Agency

Wright, Lynneae

Measure Effectiveness of Seeking Safety Strategies with Inmates with Symptoms of PTSD

Yang, Pa

Exploring the Experiences of HIV Positive Females in a Women-Centered Group

Zamora, Cinthia

Isolating Factors Impacting Substance Use Among Juvenile Offenders

Zecca, Natalie

Upfront Family-Finding Pilot Program: A Qualitative Analysis of Social Worker Engagement

MSW Capstone Leadership Showcase

Note: This information is current for the 2020-21 academic year; however, all stated academic information is subject to change. Please refer to the current Academic Catalog for more information.