SBM Faculty Publish in the Business Renaissance Quarterly

Posted: May 22, 2014

The Business Renaissance Quarterly is a journal for business exectives and scholars who seek to establish a better quality of life in the workplace.

Dr. Helm-Stevens and Dr. Dickerson have published their recent article "Meeting the Needs of Business: Assessing Market Need and Demand for a Graduate Level Diversity Concentration" in the 2/3 issue of the 8th volume.

This paper notes current workforce trends and considers how future leaders will be faced with managing multi-cultural work environments. Dr. Helm-Stevens and Dr. Dickerson discuss the skills required for future leaders and propose a graduate level diversity concentration for equipping graduate business students to lead the organization and workforce of tomorrow. With this in mind, a research study was designed to discover the relationship between students’ perceptions and inclinations of pursuing a concentration within a Master of Arts in Management program while simultaneously assessing which concentrations potential and current students would desire. In order to evaluate students’ perceptions, survey research was utilized to evaluate perceptions of current graduate and undergraduate business students towards three incentives (influence of job market outcomes, cost of required courses, and motivational factors) to pursuing a concentration. The goal is to statistically evaluate which construct is most responsible for students’ decisions to pursue a concentration, and further to determine the interest in obtaining a diversity concentration from the students’ perspective.

Congratulations to Dr. Helm-Stevens and Dr. Dickerson on this accomplishment!

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