New Procedures for Business Office

Posted: April 20, 2011


Greetings from the Business Office!
The Business Office has just completed a workflow review and has restructured some of the processes in order to improve our service to the APU community and outside entities.  One aspect of this is the communication with you in the community.  In an effort to streamline the communication and to be sure the Business Office responds as efficiently as possible, please use the following ways to communicate with us.  Your calls or emails will be handled or directed as needed.
Information and forms are located on our website at:
General Business Office Inquiries  (Cashier Services, Reports, New Vendors, Credit applications, Accounting, Financial Reporting, other inquiries)
Phone:  (626) 815-4697
Fax:  (626) 334-6486
Accounts Payable (Purchase Orders, Invoices, Expense Reports)
Phone:  (626) 815-4696
Fax:  (626) 633-9147
Phone:  (626) 815-6000 x4722
Fax:  (626) 334-7314
Thank you for your continued partnership with our office.