End of Calendar Year 2011 Deadlines

Posted: December 9, 2011



 In preparation for Christmas and the blessing of the  holidays, please make note of a few dates to ensure that all income is received, recorded and deposited, as well as, payments disbursed promptly and correctly. We understand this is an extremely busy time of the year for all of us so your cooperation is appreciated.

 As the university has scheduled, the Business Office and East Campus Cashier’s Office will be closed December 23, 2011 thru January  2, 2012. 


Contact:  Payroll Office, Alda Borba at x4722 or apupayroll@apu.edu

 Due to the Christmas holiday schedule for APU, payday will be Thursday, December 22, 2011,  for the pay period ending December 31.  Do not expect a paycheck on December 31.  The payday of December 31 is now Thursday, December 22, 2011.

Supervisors have the responsibility of following the above deadlines to ensure their employees are paid appropriately.  Payroll must pay all employees on-time.  Please hold your employees accountable for submitting their timecard to you for approval by the deadlines.

Time Cards (all):  12/1/2011-12/15/2011 time cards are due in the Payroll Office no later than 5:00 p.m. on Thursday, December 15.  Do not place in campus mail!  Please hand-deliver to the Payroll Office located at Foothill Community Church, Bldg D or bring the timecards to your paycheck distribution location on December 15th from 8:00- 9:00a.m.


Students:  When your student employee has worked their last day prior to leaving for Christmas break, please approve their time card immediately and return it to the Payroll Office located behind Foothill Community Church, building D.  Please do not hold these time cards until December 15 if they have already completed their time earlier in the pay period. 


Staff:  Time cards are due on Thursday, December 15 by 5:00 p.m.  Do not place in campus mail!  Please hand-deliver to the Payroll Office or take/deliver to your paycheck distribution location on December 15, 2011


Other Requests Related to Payroll

  • Supplemental pay, driver’s pay, etc. must be received in the Payroll Office by Friday, December 9, for the December 22nd paycheck.
  • Expense reports for business conducted July 2011 thru December 13, 2011 must be in the Business Office by Tuesday, December 13
  • All items that are not received by these deadlines will be included in the January 13, 2012 paychecks. No exceptions.

Unclaimed Checks 

Please return any unclaimed paychecks to the Payroll Office immediately for proper handling for 2011 reporting.   

Paycheck distribution

Department representatives will pick-up checks as usual on Thursday, December 22nd from 8:00 – 9:00a.m.  Representatives, please make arrangements with employees who will not be available to receive their check that day. Suggestions:


  1. Encourage employees to enroll in DIRECT DEPOSIT by Friday, December 9.
  2. Ask employees for a self-addressed, stamped envelope to mail their check at the University Mailroom by NOON on Thursday, December 22.
  3. Unclaimed checks remaining in offices as of 12:00 p.m. on Thursday, December 22 must be returned to the East Campus Cashier’s Office or the Payroll Office located behind Foothill Community Church for safekeeping over the holiday break.  Do not retain in offices.

 Check your pay stubs as soon as possible!

Any errors on pay stubs must be reported immediately so corrections may be completed prior to December 22 to ensure proper W-2 reporting.


Contact:  Accounts Payable Office, x4696 or accountspayable@apu.edu.

 All invoices must be approved and received in the Business Office no later than 12 pm (noon) on Friday, December 16, to be included in the final vendor check run on Wednesday, December 21.

 Independent Contractor Requests

All requests to pay independent contractors must be in by Friday, December 16, to be paid by Wednesday, December 21. All requests must be approved and accompanied by a completed W-9 form along with any other additional forms, as needed. Please contact Accounts Payable directly with any questions at x4696 or accountspayable@apu.edu


Contact: Accounts Payable Office,  x4696 or accountspayable@apu.edu

 All requisitions that must be PROFORMA (check issued) must be entered and approved by Monday, December 12, for a check to be processed by Wednesday, December 21. All requisitions that only need a Purchase Order issued may be entered and approved through Friday, December 16, at 5:00 p.m. to have a Purchase Order issued by Wednesday, December 21.


Contact:  Accounts Payable, x4696 or accountspayable@apu.edu

Expense reimbursement requests received by Monday, December 5, 2011 will be included on the December 15 paycheck if the request is complete and approved by the appropriate supervisor (Please complete ALL fields on the form.)

 All expense reimbursement requests that need to be paid by the Thursday, December 22, must be in the Business Office no later than 5p.m. on Tuesday, December 13, 2011. Completed and approved reports will be processed. All others will be reimbursed with the January 13, 2012 paycheck.


Contact: Cashier's Office, Kelli Hively at khively@apu.edu or x3430     

Please submit all deposits of incoming funds to the Cashier’s Office by Monday, December 19 for processing.  Funds received after this date must be submitted to the Cashier’s Office by Thursday, December 22 at 12:00p.m. (noon) for regular income and donations.

Please do not leave money in your offices over the holiday season.

Thank you from all of us in the Business Office and may God bless you this special Christmas season as we celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus!