Meet the Staff

Business Office Administration

  • Dale Kemp

    Interim Chief Financial Officer

Business Systems Support and Project Management

  • Melissa Sturgeon

    Business Enterprise Systems Manager

  • Surleigh Tara

    Business Enterprise Systems Analyst

  • Joshua Stone

    Business Enterprise Systems Analyst

Business Operations (Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable/Cashiering, Procurement, and Collections)

  • Sharron Robb

    Director of Procurement and Contract Services

  • Julie Bocock

    Procurement Specialist

  • Dana Langley

    Accounts Payable Manager

  • Sheila Gonzales

    Accounts Payable/Receivable Specialist

  • Laura Espinoza

    Accounts Payable Specialist

  • Arlene Mabini

    Collections Manager

  • Beverly De La Cruz

    Procurement Specialist


  • Cheryl Cotton

    Payroll Manager

  • Breanna Hare

    Payroll Specialist

  • Stephen Choi

    Payroll Specialist

  • Elizabeth Perez

    Payroll Specialist

  • Julie Snyder

    Payroll Specialist

  • Teresa Flores

    Payroll Specialist

Finance Services

Dedicated to supporting the current and long-term financial health and sustainability of the university through financial accounting activities that ensure strong stewardship and planning of the university’s business affairs.

  • Excellence always (leadership and communication)
  • Service first (support and training)
  • Integrity throughout (best practices and code of ethics)
  • Dayana Duarte

    Director of Finance

  • Lizette Zavala

    Grant Analyst

  • George Connaghan

    Financial Plan and Analysis Manager

  • Deric Gomez

    Budget Analyst

  • Debra Cleveland

    Financial Analyst

Finance Accounting

  • Marylou Herrera

    Financial Accounting Manager

  • Morgann Ellis


  • Ingrid Sun


  • Bulmaro Rivera


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