Science, Faith, and Culture Lecture: How to Train Your Dragon: The Promise of Cognitive Science of Religion

Tuesday, November 12, 2013, 6:30 p.m.

Posted by: Center for Research in Science

Justin L. Barrett, Ph.D., Thrive Professor of Developmental Science and director of The Thrive Center for Human Development in Fuller Theological Seminary’s School of Psychology, will present “How to Train Your Dragon: The Promise of Cognitive Science of Religion.”

Barrett, an experimental psychologist, taught for five years in Oxford University’s School of Anthropology, and is best known for his research on religion. He is the author of numerous articles concerning cognitive, developmental, and evolutionary approaches to the study of religion. His authored books are Why Would Anyone Believe in God? (2004), Cognitive Science, Religion, and Theology: From Human Minds to Divine Minds (2011), and Born Believers: The Science of Children’s Religious Belief (2012). He edited a four-volume collection called Psychology of Religion (2010).


Los Angeles Pacific College Board Room
901 E. Alosta Ave.
Azusa, CA 91702
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