Guest Lecture: Terry Dobson

Tuesday, November 12, 2013, 5–6 p.m.

Posted by: Department of Art and Design

In this lecture, Designer Terry Dobson will be discussing scholarly research first presented at the International Design Conference in Japan in May 2013, entitled, "Tip of the Icon: Sustainable Stewardship of our Semiotic Shorthand".

Clever unity between word and image has always been a hallmark of great graphic design. Logos of the world’s most famous brands prompt us to instantly recall their names and associated attributes. Although consumerism primarily shapes the lexicon of graphic shorthand today, there’s a higher calling for the designer’s craft. 'Tip of the Icon' deconstructs how and why designers use pictures rather then words in graphic communication. It uncovers historic origins of familiar graphic symbols we encounter everyday. And it role models responsible graphic practices that can effectively become the catalyst for social change.

Terry is an Assistant Professor of Graphic Design, and formerly was a Creative Director for the Walt Disney Company, winning industry awards for Walt Disney Imagineering and Disney Interactive Studios. He was also inagurated into Disney Inventor's Club and awarded a patent for design and technological innovation. He received his MFA from Yale Univesity.

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