"Knowledge over Time" - Ceramic Mural Reception

Tuesday, April 15, 2014, 6–8 p.m.

Posted by: Department of Art and Design

You are invited to a reception by the Darling Library commemorating the newest addition to the permanent art collection at APU.

A Creative Teaching Grant in 2012 served as the commission for the new 15' ceramic mural celebrating the launching of the College of Music and the Arts that was proposed by Professors Jim Thompson and Tom Dunn. The genesis of the idea originated from a conversation between the professors and Dr. Paul Gray regarding his desire to encourage more art around the libraries. 

Professors Jim Thompson and Tom Dunn, the Art and Design students of APU, and the students of St. Francis of Rome have worked tirelessly to complete the ceramic mural – now permanently on view. Please join us in congratulating them on Tuesday night.

About the Ceramic Mural:

Knowledge Over Time, Ceramic mural, 30' x 4'


This mural, entitled Knowledge Over Time, is the result of collaboration between Azusa Pacific Fundamental Art Experience students, St. Francis of Rome 7

th and 8th grade students, and Department of Art and Design students directed by Professors Tom Dunn and Jim Thompson.

The mural is a view of a historic time line beginning with the Creation of Man and proceeding to Present Day Robotics.  The process of its creation involved utilizing drawings completed by Professor Dunn and transferring those drawings onto a total of 44 separate tiles which were then manipulated resulting in a three dimensional surface highlighting an array of historic events.

The faculty, staff, and student names prominent on the mural’s border are to convey the knowledge over time exchanged in classes, lectures, and community camaraderie.  After each tile was fired over several days in the kiln, the mural was then stained with six different layers of acrylic stain resulting in the completed mural shown here.  Due to the murals two thousand pound weight, heavy iron brackets have been secured to the wall for its display.”


The collaboration was facilitated by the Center for Academic Service Learning and Research and suppor of its creation are the result of a Creative Teaching Grant.

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