Supervisor Essentials 1 - Leading People (ES Series)

Friday, October 11, 2019, 8:15 a.m.12:15 p.m.

Posted by: Office of Human Resources

Supervisor Essentials 1 - Leading People is part of a 5-part training series called the Empowered Supervisor (ES) Series.  This series was specifically developed to equip supervisors to be more effective in their leadership roles. 

The series consists of 5 courses:


"Christ in the Workplace" looks at APU’s spiritual roots, showing how APU’s history shapes who we are today as an institution and as leaders. Practical implementation of our faith will be addressed through the transformative themes of leadership formation, salvation, and reconciliation.

"How to Hire Effectively" is a practical training that provides step-by-step guidance on planning the hiring process, interviewing do’s and don’ts, and selecting a qualified final candidate.

"Supervisor Essentials 1 - Leading People" is about leading people. It will offer 5 essentials for supervisory effectiveness and 11 "keys" for success.

"Supervisor Essentials 2 - Legal Overview" is about key rules and regulations. It addresses fundamental laws and policies that are critical for supervisors to know in order to protect their employees and the University.

"Supervisor Essentials 3 - Performance Improvement & Progressive Discipline" - This training "is about specific ways to improve employee performance and to manage towards their success. Included will be practical information on how to set expectations, develop a performance improvement plan, engage in the progressive discipline process, and terminations.

We encourage supervisors to enroll in the entire series, as each course has been carefully designed to improve the skill set of supervisors. 

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