Women's Support Group Spring 2022

Wednesday, January 26, 2022, 34:15 p.m.

Posted by: University Counseling Center

This group is designed to help women increase their ability to use safe coping skills to reduce self-harm, substance abuse, and to better navigate the effects of trauma. This group will address ways to overcome triggers to poor coping and will incorporate new ways of caring for oneself.

This group will meet virtually Wednesdays starting January 26th - March 9th. Registration is limited and ends February 4th.

*Registration Required If interested, please contact the University Counseling Center at (626) 815-2109, to meet with a counselor and see if this workshop is a fit for you.


Live Zoom event


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For more information, contact:

University Counseling Center
Main office (non-confidential) email: ucc@apu.edu
Phone Number: (626) 815-2109