Football: vs. Valley City State @ Fargo, ND

Thursday, November 10, 2005, 8:15 p.m.
DIRECTIONS TO VALLEY CITY STATE/FARGODOME (N.D.) (from Azusa Pacific): Take the I-210E toward San Bernadino. (I-210E becomes CA-210E.) Merge onto the I-15N toward Barstow. Take the US-20 Exit (Exit 119) toward Rigby/W. Yellowstone. Turn Right onto US-20E. Turn Left onto Cannon St./US-287/US-191 and continue to follow the US-191. Stay Straight to the MT-85/Jackrabbit Ln. Take the I-90E. Merge onto the I-94E. Take the ND-32 Exit (Exit 302) toward Oriska/Fingal. Take the I-94E/US-52E. Take the I-94E/US-52E via Exit 338 toward Mapleton. Merge onto the I-29N/US-81N via Exit 349B toward Fargo/Grand Forks/Airport. Take the 19th Ave N/US-81 Business Exit (Exit 67) toward the Airport. Turn Right onto 19th Ave. NW/US-81 BR and contine on the US-81 BR. Turn Right onto N. University Drive/University VLG/US-81BRS. (End 1800 N. University Drive at the Fargodome).