APUTWO aims to facilitate a culture of success for second-year students by cultivating an environment in which the holistic student is equipped to realize his or her own potential in every sphere of life.

We desire second-year students to experience a sense of belonging through this program created specifically for sophomore students.


  1. Bolster a cohesive second year class made up of autonomous students (community/individual balance)
  2. Celebrate the road to maturity without eliminating the struggle
  3. Seek to allow the student to own his or her success
  4. Be accessible to all second year students

Sophomore Year of College: Making the Most of It

Sophomore year of college is a critical time for students. The excitement and extensive support programs experienced during freshman year may now feel familiar, but students are not yet considered upperclassmen... Keep Reading.

For more information about APUTWO, email aputwo@apu.edu.