Career Exploration

The process of exploring careers includes self-assessment and research. For most degrees, there are many vocational options. Whether you are still in school or an alumnus, you need to understand yourself so you can evaluate careers effectively.

Research Your Options

Once you have a more clear understanding of you who you are, it’s time to explore possible career areas. Each career area you select should be evaluated by asking:

  1. Does this job/career align with my interests?
  2. Does this job/career require that I use my motivated skills on a regular basis?
  3. Does this job/career involve my most important values?

The more times you answer “definitely yes” to those questions, the more likely you will thrive in that situation.

Additional Resources

O*Net is a tool that allows you to search thousands of occupations using different search options. Find Occupations and Advanced Search are a great place to start!

Now that you have done your self-assessment, you can use those results to search through O*Net under the options below.

Find Occupations Options: Advanced Search Options:
Bright Outlook
(Occupations projected to grow)
(Occupations that include certain skills)
Green Jobs
(Environmentally Friendly)
(Occupations related to interest areas)
Career Cluster
(Occupations in the same field)
(Occupations that include specific values)
(Occupations grouped by similar business types)
Work Activities
Job Zone
Amount of education or preparation required)
Work Context
STEM Discipline
(Science, Technology, Engineering, Medicine)
(Related to performance)

It is best to narrow your options to about three careers of interest. From there, it might be helpful to talk to people in those professions through an Informational Interview. Use our Informational Interviews (PDF) to get started!

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