Choosing Internships

What type of internship should you choose?

Applied learning experiences come in many forms such as internships, clinicals, preceptorships, practica, research, service-learning, etc. If you need an applied learning experience for a class or requirement for your major, make sure you check the criteria. Ultimately, we want you to have an experience that relates to your career goals, but certain majors have criteria that must be met.

If you know the type of internship you would like, but need resources to help you start applying, visit Applying for Internships.

The type of applied learning experience you do depends on the goals you have for your career. Some pursue an internship to determine if they are going into the right field and others find internships to help them start building their experience and skills. If you are unsure of where you are headed with your career, we recommend you start with the Career Exploration page for resources to help you identify your interests and then continue to Applying for Internships to find an experience that fits your goals.

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