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The APU Career Center provides resources, workshops, events, and information to support students and alumni in their professional endeavors. Whether you’re preparing for an interview or need help setting up your LinkedIn account, the Career Center staff aims to help you thrive in your career pursuits.


Handshake is APU’s career network for all students (undergraduate, graduate, and professional) and alumni to connect with businesses and organizations for jobs and internships, as well as book appointments at the Career Center.

To access your Handshake account for the first time, use your APU Home portal sign-in information. For more information or help setting up your account, email

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The Handshake Resources Library is a comprehensive collection of information for commonly-asked questions. Search here for interview tips, résumé writing guides, and more professional resources in our Handshake Resources Library.

Virtual Networking and Interviews: Tips for College Students and Recent Grads

With many companies conducting business remotely in this season, you may find yourself spending more time building your network virtually as you search for career opportunities. Follow these tips to help expand your virtual network. Are you preparing to apply for jobs? The Career Center offers advice for successful virtual interviews.


To find out about upcoming Career Center events, visit our Handshake Events Page and calendar of events.


The Career Center offers a number of assessment tests designed to assist you in identifying your interests and strengths as you consider future career options. To take an assessment, contact the Career Center at (626) 815-2103 or visit the Career Center Portal to book an appointment.


In order to support students beyond the undergraduate experience, the Career Center provides multiple resources for alumni to make connections within their industry and the APU community.

  • Handshake: We are excited to announce that Handshake is now open to all alumni. Use this platform to find resources for professional development, view our events calendar, and connect with other alumni.
  • APU Connect: This alumni network allows you to reconnect with old classmates and utilize the trusted Azusa Pacific environment to expand your professional network.

Community Advancement Programs

Community Advancement Programs (CAP) are federal work-study programs that exist to provide student staff, community partners, families, and community members with resources to help meet community needs and improve the quality of life for local residents. CAPs support Azusa Pacific’s civic engagement goals by bringing together local and university resources to serve and empower the community through sustainable education programs. To learn more about CAPs, contact the Office of Community Advancement.

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