Record of Attendance

Upon entering chapel, all students receive an attendance card (chapel card). These cards are distributed from 10:15-10:40 a.m for morning chapels and from 8:45-9:10 p.m. for evening chapels. Students should complete chapel cards by filling in their ID number (first number in the left column) and blackening the corresponding number bubbles carefully with blue or black ink, or a No. 2 pencil. If the card is folded or mutilated, the computer will reject it, and the student will be counted absent. The card must be filled out correctly in order to receive chapel credit. It is the student’s responsibility to check his/her account and notify the Office of Chapel Programs of any discrepancies.

The use of all electronic devices during chapel is prohibited. No attendance credit will be given to students using electronic devices during chapel. Chapel Programs also reserves the right to deny credit for misconduct during chapel.

For more information about chapel attendance, contact the Office of Chapel Programs at or (626) 812-3088.