Church Collaboration Committee

The purpose of the Church Collaboration Committee is to represent APU’s spiritual heritage and commitment to the Church by providing coordinated affirmation of initiatives throughout the APU community appropriately reflecting our interdependence with the Church.

Azusa Pacific is a growing community that seeks to cultivate healthy and strong relationships with the Church and Christian ministry organizations. We desire to nourish these connections in a manner that is consistent with our identity, affirms our values and ethos, and upholds our mission and the nature of how we live as a Christian community in reflecting the holiness of God. The committee exists to meet the need for increased thought and assessment as we enhance our commitment to serving churches and Christian ministry organizations.

Such strong, healthy relationships involve different kinds of connections with the university and require careful discernment and prayer. We also recognize that not all churches or ministry organizations are compatible with our ethos and identity. The CCC wishes to partner with you as needed to advance relationships that appropriately reflect our mission and values. To that end, we invite churches and Christian organizations interested in a connection other than for academic purposes to help us begin this discerning process by completing the Church Collaboration Committee form.

Note: Only official church representatives such as pastors, elders, deacons, etc., should fill out this form).