No Better Time

 Welcome to the new year! It’s so easy to assume that there will be a better time ahead to make a choice to trust in God. “There’s always tomorrow. I have time. I’ll just get through the current press of busyness.” After you get through this knothole in schedule, you might consider making God a priority and go to church, pray, or think about Him. But in reality, trusting in God is not so much about doing any of those things. Trust means that you actually allow God to be part of the things you do today, now, in the moment. Real trust says, “I will allow you to participate and influence my choices – each day, every moment, no matter how small or large.” To think that you will start trusting God tomorrow is naïve at best and arrogant at worst. There’s never a better time to trust than right now. In this moment there are opportunities to let God be part of your circumstances and trust. That requires a willful choice to rely on God to participate with you in everything – your studies, your work, your choices, your relationships, your hurts. Don’t wait till tomorrow. Take a step of trust in God. Who better to partner with than the One who knows you best and loves you most! There’s no better time!

If you have any prayer requests, please let me know and we will be sure our Prayer Partners pray for you this week. You can also feel free to visit the website at and read devotionals there and submit prayer requests as well. We want to walk with you in your journey.