Corporate Logo

 Corporate logos seem to be a pretty big deal, especially lately. As the economic environment creates increased stress on companies and schools, reaffirming corporate identity and values is part of survival. Along with that comes highlighting the company seal, logo, mark. People show it, praise it, and sometimes hide behind it. It represents security, self-identification, and even protection. It’s the mark of belonging. I wonder…what’s the mark that secures your personal identity? You know God has made available a corporate mark. It sure is nice to know that you can be part of that seal. It’s the seal of the cross. You can see the logo all over the place. More importantly, it is an internal mark of identification. People marked by the seal of Christ show love, joy, peace, patience, gentleness, goodness. Does that mean they are not astute and effective on the job? Of course not. But as they go about their business, other folks notice the logo. They see the mark. And it’s the basis of your identity, your focus, and your protection. Thank God for His company logo. Put it on. Let it be seen.

If you have any prayer requests, please feel free to let me know and our Prayer Partners will be praying for you.